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Looking for Birthday Cake Inspiration

Ever since my nieces 3rd birthday I always baked her birthday cakes. This year she will be 9 years old, she was quick to tell me at the weekend this will be her last year of being a single digit it will be the double figures of 10 next year! I am still unsure what cake I will make this year, but thought it may be fun to share with you the previous birthday cakes I have made for my niece. As you will see cake decorating was quiet new to me 7 years ago.
Birthday cake ideas for a little girl

Some of these cakes will be familiar to those of you that regularly visit my blog, but the earlier cakes will be having their premiere!

A simple cake decorated with water icing, butter cream
and sugar balls

A regular Victoria sponge cut and reassembled into a butterfly, decorated with sugar paste and jazz chocolate drops

Sponge cake baked in a 5 mould, decorated with sugar paste (very tricky) and
my handmade sugar paste fairy

A seaside themed sponge cake, decorated with moulded sugar paste and sugar.
 I had great fun making this one.

A birthday on holiday so keeping it simple with a Sweetie Cake, also known
as the 7 in Devon cake

Birthday number 8 - Loom Bands! Decorated in sugar paste and
mini fairy cakes with marshmallows

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  1. Aww loving the loom band cake x nice to see you on Twitter !!

  2. These cakes look great. I love the pig one, reminds me of Percy Pigs x

  3. This just reminds me of the countless hours I spend on pinterest! I love the chocolate fingers one! xx

  4. They are all so lovely! The sand on the seaside cake looks real! I love looking for cake designs too!


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