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Craft Mementos from Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

I thought I might share with you some of my holiday souvenirs. There were no extravagant purchases, more a case of hand crafted mementos. I would much rather buy an item on holiday that has been created or crafted by local craftspeople. My small way of supporting artists and craftspeople in the local area.  I was immediately drawn to these decorated mussel shells I bought from the Charlestown Gallery in Charlestown. I also like the slightly misshaped ceramic buttons from The Craft Kiln also in Charlestown.  I hope to create my own piece of art for my bathroom using these items and an old picture frame.

Decorated Mussel Shells
Decorated Mussel Shells
Handmade china buttons 
On the Isles of Scilly I was quite taken with the handmade glass Light Bulb coasters from the Phoenix Craft Studios. I immediately knew this would be destined for my craft/sewing room, which includes teal and pink colours. A special mention to the Phoenix Craft Studio, lots of talented crafts people where you can not only buy their creations but also view their workshops. 

Teal coloured glass light bulb coaster
Painted mussel
Handmade China Button  Cornwall
Handmade China Button  
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