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Can you identify this plant - is this Lily of the Valley?

I have some plants that I am unable to identify. They have been growing in the garden for a few years now, and for the life of me I can not remember if they were already here when I first moved house, or more frighteningly I planted them. Either way I do not know their identity. 

Is this plant Lily of the Valley
What am I?
I was hoping they were Lily of the Valley but looking at the leaves closer I think they are too large and glossy.  They have never flowered, and are in a location that at this time of the year gets little sun and is rather shady due to a holly hedge. You can judge their size as they are next to a Hellebore, Rose and an Erysimum.  I think it likely that they do not like the location, if I can establish their identity I can move them to a more suitable spot. Hopefully they may then flower. 

What is this plant?
A plant with no name

Helping identifying a plant
My friend is a Hellebore

I am quite sure someone is reading this and immediately knows its identity, and is wondering if I know anything about gardening at all! I welcome any ideas you may have to help solve my gardening mystery. 


Thank you to fellow blogger Amy at Love Made My Home for identifying the plant as Colchicum, also called Autumn Crocus. At this time of year it grows large leaves, then in the autumn it flowers with the blooms looking exactly like crocuses but larger. Guess what, come Autumn there are indeed large light purple crocus type flowers in its location. Always good to solve a mystery - thank you Amy.
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  1. I have two possible suggestions for you! One is that it might a plant called Solomons Seal which likes the shade, spreads a lot and has little white flowers on stems a bit like the ones that lily of the valley has. The other is that a plant called Colchicum, also called an Autumn Crocus has large leaves at this time of year that can look a bit like that. There are no flowers, just these gigantic leaves. Then in the autumn you get flowers that look almost exactly like crocuses. If you look up those two plants and then compare your leaves you may get an answer. On the other hand they might just be lily of the valley - or something else! Sorry if this is all just confusing and not helpful! Hope you find out the answer though! xx

    1. Sorry me again, just went and looked, probably not Solomon's Seal, more likely Colchicum, so ignore the bit about Solomon's Seal! xx

  2. Thankyou so much Amy you are absolutely right about it being Colchium! I do get the light purple flowers in the Autumn but had never put the Spring follige together with Autumn flowers. I feel a right what one now, I guess I was thinking that your normal Crocus do not send up lots of leaves in different season to flowering, so never thought the Autumn Crocus would either.

    I knew a clever fellow blogger would now the answer! Thank you :)



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