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National Nest Box Week 14 to 21 February - join in with the Nest Box Challenge

There is nothing quite like watching a pair of birds flying in and out of a nest box, busily gathering materials to build a nest to lay their eggs then raise their chicks.  I have 2 nest boxes in the garden, though the birds only ever seem to nest in one,  as one is rather old. If you have never thought about having a nest box in the garden I can thoroughly recommend it. With the natural habitat for nesting birds reducing, you can do your bit to help them to continue breeding. 

National Nest Box Week February

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) support National Bird Nesting week between 14 - 21 February. They have lots of helpful information including a free information pack to help you select the correct bird box and ensure you site it in the correct location. 

Already have a bird nest box in your garden?  

  • Make sure you remove any old nesting materials. 
  • Ensure it is pest/insect free. 
  • If it has been up over Winter check it is still firmly fastened to its location.

Join in the Nest Box Challenge

This year I will also be joining in with the Nest Box Challenge by registering my nest box and hopefully letting them know which birds nest in it. You do not have to wait until a bird starts nesting in it you can register it now. The British Trust for Ornithology also want to know if you have empty nest boxes.

National Nest Box Week February Coal Tits in bird box
Nesting Coal Tits in my garden
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  1. Interesting, I've not heard of Nation nest box week before. I shall investigate further, we have a nestbox but I don't think it has ever been used.


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