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Completed Cross-Stitch project - 18 years in the making!

Some 18 years ago I bought myself a cross-stitch kit to make spectacle case, and this week after all this time I finally completed it. This little project stored in a small plastic bag has followed me on three house moves, it has been picked up and given short spans of my attention then stored back in its plastic bag.  I did start the project not long after I bought it, but my interests changed and at that time I was not particularly confident at cross-stitch.  Fast forward to present day, my interest in sewing rekindled and my adjustments to my work life balance see me making the most of my leisure time.

Georgian stripe flower design Cross-Stitch
Cross-Stitch Spectacle Case
Georgian Stripe Cross-Stitch Kit
Georgian Stripe Cross-Stitch pattern
It is not perfect, I can see small mistakes from when I had first started the cross-stitch, but I am rather pleased. There were just five French Knots in the design and it took many attempts at completing them - those pesky French Knots! I do love the purple, green and gold colours. I am actually not all that sure whether I will use it to keep my glasses in it, but my mobile phone fits in it a treat. 

Cross-Stitch finishing off
Co-ordinated purple lining 

Cross-Stitch French Knots
Cross-Stitch French Knots
Georgian stripe flower design Cross-Stitch
Georgian stripe flower design Cross-Stitch
So do not give up on a sewing or craft project that you may have fallen out of love with, I am sure like me you will get there eventually.  
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  1. It isn't that it took you 18 years to finish this, it is that it took you 18 years to work out that it is a mobile phone pouch! You were just confused before about the spectacles bit, but now you know you finished it! It is very pretty and beautifully made! You should be very pleased and proud that it is done and enjoy looking at it every time you take your phone out! xx

  2. That's beautiful and beats my two years to knit a pair of socks hands down!!

  3. That's really lovely Angela. Very pretty indeed.

  4. Did you save the instructions? I have a similar kit I purchased years ago but the instructions are in French. It's out of print so the company can't send me the English instructions.



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