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Results of my Big Garden Bird Watch

At just after 9 o'clock on Saturday morning I settled down with my cup of tea and my mobile phone.  All ready to start my hour of recording the birds that appeared in my garden. I  had thought I would complete the survey using a pen and the printed out form, in the end I decided to use the on line interactive form on my phone. It included a timer so there was no doubt when the hour was over, it also included an interactive bird related quiz. 

Which birds visited my garden? The results are in…

All the Great Tits that had been feeding on the bird feeder just 10 minutes prior to starting my hour, all but disappeared! Missing from list and quite often visitors to the garden are the Woodpecker and Nuthatch. Usually there would be a Wren or two flitting around the plant pots and under the Holly hedge, but I think it was a little late in the morning for them. Last year a Buzzard even made an appearance for the hour, though it has been a few weeks since I have seen him (or her) much to the relief of the smaller garden birds.

Did you join in with the Big Garden Bird Watch? If so how many birds did you spot? 

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  1. The woodpecker stayed away from our garden too as did the parakeets this year. I can't say I missed the parakeets too much - they tend to dominate the garden and make a huge amount of noise. This year we're inundated with goldfinches. We counted 18 but there were probably more. They refuse to cooperate in the counting process and move around far too fast.

  2. Wow, this is a wonderful idea. One of my girls would sure love it.

  3. No I didn't but what a great campaign. We have a tiny courtyard garden. Though having said that we had a family of blackbirds nest successfully last year. The nest was only about 2 foot away from the house! It was a marvel to watch. We could see the parents coming and going all day long when the chicks were newly hatched. Then one day we guess they just fled the nest. We never saw that happen though one day we did notice a youngling (is that what they're called?) start its maiden flight, very gingerly, while one of the adult birds looked on! Tx


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