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My 2015 Reading Challenge

It can be tricky finding the time to do everything I enjoy, there are so many things that interest me.

  • Sewing 
  • Baking
  • Family history research
  • Reading
  • Blogging
  • Gardening
  • Visiting gardens and heritage properties 
  • National Trust volunteering

Last year I found little time for reading though it is something I particularly enjoy. As such I have decided to set myself an aim this year, to read at least 15 books, not many compared to some people but I think it is achievable. Part of this promise is to also review the books, as such I am now a contributor at Hanging on Every Word. Feel free to pop over and read my reviews. Most books I either loan from my local library or receive as free downloads or I have won them. I have already read one book and well on my way to reaching my target. Lets see if that still holds true in 12 months time!

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Angela has read 1 book toward a goal of 15 books.

My progress can be monitored on Good Reads, where there will be no hiding my progress, or lack of it. To add a little interest I am also linking to the PopSugar Reading challenge, thanks to my friend Darcy for pointing this out to me. Whilst I do not expect to reach their goal of fifty books I very much like the list of books to read from. The first type of book to tick off the list is 'a book set in a different country'

I have pinned the list of the PopSugar Reading Challenge onto my Pinterest board which you will find on the link below, there are some great topics listed.

Do you have any book recommends?  Are you taking up a reading challenge this year?

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  1. Good luck with your reading resolutions/challenges. We have very similar interests :-) but find blogging is taking over, as I tend to read a lot of blogs now rather then books, but that's probably better then all the cheese I used to read.

  2. Good luck with your resolutions! I used to be an avid reader, I would love to sit down and just read a book but finding the time is difficult, waaah!


  3. This is an excellent resolution and I wish you the very best with it. I set myself the challenge of reading Proust (all of it) last year. I did it and so I think I deserve a year off. I like the idea of the PopSugar list and there are some very good ideas on it. Not sure about the "book by a female author" category, though. Surely that's not a rare thing?

  4. omg im joining in with this sounds great and ive pinned it to my pinterest new me new year board woo , thanks for the inspiration hun


  5. Good luck with your reading resolution and so glad to have you on board with HOEW - I've barely read recently so haven't been able to post reviews!

    I'm hoping to get 50 books read this year but its not looking likely already!

  6. I need to do this as well. I only read when I'm on holiday, which unfortunately isn't that often x

  7. I hope that you enjoy whatever you do. I can definitely recommend volunteering and especially for the NT, it really is great fun and the people are always lovely too! xx

  8. Good luck with your resolutions ! Im a total bookworm :)

    Rachael , from - http://awesomebeforeautism.blogspot.co.uk/

  9. What a great idea! Half tempted to have a go myself... :)


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