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List of bakes continues for another year

Do you remember my list of bakes I planned in 2014. Whilst I did not manage to work my way through all recipes on the list I did successfully bake some of them.

Cheesecake recipes
Baking from a list

As with most home bakers I continued to bake my favourite cakes and sweet treats through the year such as scones, chocolate cake, shortbread and fudge etc. I will not be dismissing my list from last year, but will continue to refer to it for baking ideas. Many members of my family will be pleased to hear they can request any cake they like for their birthday and can deviate from the list! I have already received requests for Carrot Cake and a Sticky Ginger Cake so watch this space.

Baking List
Happy baking everyone!
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  1. I think I just put half a stone on reading your list!!

  2. The brownies seems delicious!

  3. Rocky Road is one of my favorite things in life! This cheesecake looks so tasty! They all do :)


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