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Make a Christmas Table Decoration using a Cake Stand and Baubles, creating a Centerpiece for a Festive Table Setting

Whilst decorating my Christmas tree and glancing at an empty cake stand on the kitchen dresser, I had a moment of inspiration. Create a Christmas decoration using a cake stand. Combining the shiny Christmas tree baubles with the cake stand. Such a simple idea but very effective. Creating a rather glamorous and festive looking cake stand.  
Christmas table decoration ideas
Make your own easy Christmas table decoration
This simple idea will make a great Christmas table decoration, and would certainly create a fabulous Christmas centrepiece for a festive dinner setting. There is such a wide choice of colours and designs of bauble available in the shops, it is easy to tailor the decoration to your own table setting. 

How to make a Christmas Bauble Table Decoration
What you need:- 
  • 3 tier cake stand
  • 22 large Christmas baubles 
  • 12 small Christmas baubles
  1. Trim or hide the string on the baubles by winding them carefully around the top of the bauble.
  2. Arrange the small baubles on the top tier.
  3. Arrange the large baubles on the remaining two tiers.
alternative use and what to do with a cake stand
What to do with your Christmas baubles?

I have to admit this is such a simple way to make your own Christmas table decoration. Mine is displayed on my kitchen dresser and it has been admired by friends who think it a fabulous idea. So get that cake stand out of the cupboard today and add some bling!
Christmas Table Decoration idea inspiration Christmas crafts baubles

Make your own christmas table decoration
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  1. That looks so cute, and best of all simple. I love decorating every room for Christmas and will definitely do this!! x

  2. I love this idea. I fill all my vases with tinsel or baubles over the festive season. It's cheap and adds a little bit of extra decoration.

  3. This is such a sweet idea. I've filled a vase with some of my favourite vintage baubles, I don't have room for anything bigger!

  4. It's lovely! When I was a kid, my Mom would fill big crystal bowls and vases with baubles. They were placed on side tables and on the dining table. It was a simple idea but very beautiful, just like your lovely cake stand. Happy Holidays!

  5. Such a simple idea but looks really good!

  6. This is such a fun idea with a traditional festive look.


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