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Strictly Come Dancing Tower Ballroom a Special Family Blackpool visit

A highlight of a recent visit to Blackpool was the Tower Ballroom, most recently famous for the Strictly Come Dancing Blackpool special it hosts once a year. Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram may recognise some of the photographs in this post, as I shared the celebrations of my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary weekend. 

Blackpool Illuminations Promenade
Blackpool Illuminations promenade

Blackpool Illuminations Tour
Blackpool Illuminations Tour
Blackpool was my parents honeymoon destination fifty years ago. This time around they did not holiday alone, there were 13 members of  the family including myself to help with the celebrations. We stayed at the Hilton as the original B&B they stayed in having long since gone (thankfully).  My parents stayed in a suite which enjoyed fabulous views of the promenade showing the illuminations and Blackpool Tower at it best. 

Hilton Blackpool view of Illuminations
Fabulous Blackpool Tower and Promenade view
Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary
I had made some little cakes with gold 50 on them, and a pair of wedding rings, as part of the table decorations for dinner. Our table at the hotel overlooked one of the illuminations, there were lots of reminiscing of the wedding day fifty years ago.The illuminations were good, but not quite as I remember as a child. Although I do think they could do much more to co-ordinate the movement of vehicles driving through them.

Strictly Come Dancing Blackpool Tower Ballroom
Blackpool Tower Ballroom - can not wait for Strictly Come Dancing to arrive!
Strictly Tower Ballroom Tickets
Amazing period interiors at Blackpool Tower Ballroom
Tower Ballroom Strictly Come Dancing
Magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom
Sadly we did not get to go up the Tower the following day as it was closed due to it being far too windy, but we did pay the £2.95 to visit the Tower Ballroom. What wonderful decoration and design inside this old Victorian building. There were many couples dancing on the sprung dance floor, it was like watching an episode of Strictly Come Dancing - my 8 year old niece was mesmerised. I must say I think we will all be looking forward to the episode of Strictly Come Dancing that comes from the Tower Ballroom, and watching it with a different perspective.  A few years ago my friend was lucky enough to get tickets to the Strictly Come Dancing Show from the Tower Ballroom - how lucky were they! There were tables around the dance floor laid up for afternoon tea, but having enjoyed a most satisfying breakfast at the hotel food was not on my mind.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cards

Blackpool Tower Ballroom Strictly celebrations
Celebrations in Blackpool
Thank goodness for the trams though, the prom is exceptional long and far beyond my ability to walk that distance particularly in such strong wind. I was impressed with how clean and tidy the promenade was. We were sustained through the day with hot donuts and visits to the arcade, before returning back to Shropshire with some fabulous new memories of the occasion.  Here is wishing my parents many more anniversaries. 
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  1. What a lovely place to celebrate! Happy anniversary to your parents, many more years together to come :)

  2. Happy anniversary to your parents, what a great way to celebrate as a family. Blackpool doesn't look as if it has changed since I went there - back in the eighties!

  3. aww happy anniversary!! I really want to go to the tower ballroom, it looks incredible x
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  4. Happy Anniversary to them. I've never been to the tower ballroom, although I've visited Blackpool plenty of times. I will next time!


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