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How to Save Sunflower Seeds

Early in the year I sowed Little Leo Dwarf Sunflower seeds, into pots. I have been very impressed with this variety of sunflowers and every seed germinated. I was rewarded with a fabulous bright yellow display of flowers through the Summer. I want to ensure I have another great display next year, so it is time to save  Sunflower seeds.
Saving sunflower seeds
Collecting Sunflower seeds
Autumn has now arrived, the flower heads have died back and have been left to dry out in the greenhouse. I removed them from the plant around two weeks ago.  

Sunflower seeds are ready for harvesting when:-  
  • there are no petals remaining 
  • the back of the flower head will have turned brown  
My sunflower seeds have also turned black in colour, this resembles the seeds I planted earlier in the year. 
Dwarf Sunflowers Little Leo variety
Dwarf Sunflowers Little Leo variety
Once the sunflower seeds dry out sufficiently they should fall out easily as you rub them with your hand, be sure to have some paper underneath to capture them. I found I had quite a few seeds, more than the original 16 I had in the packet.

Whenever you save flower seeds be sure to label them, store them in a cool dry place and label them. Also do not forget to label them. That is right label them, ha! something I have forgotten to do occasionally, so be sure you do not forget.

You can also find my useful guide to saving Cornflower seeds.

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  1. Hahah! Label them!! They're beautiful sunflowers you've grown too x

  2. I've never thought about growing sunflowers for seeds but it seems super easy, will have to do this next year :-)

  3. Sunflowers are my all time favourite flower and I always save my seeds x

  4. Beautiful photos, I am definitely going to plant some of these next year. Today I have been looking with the Nursery children at our really large sunflower head that I cut down after each child had stood next to it for a photograph. I showed them how the seeds come out of the head as they have dried. We are now waiting for the other little sunflower heads to dry as it had multi flowers on.

    1. Thanks Julie. Its great how children are fascinated with Sunflowers to them it must feel like they have grown Jacks Beanstork!


  5. Sunflowers are such happy flowers. Brings back great memories of childhood. My son is now 2 - I think next year, we will start to grow our own sunflowers.....

  6. Such beautiful flowers! I wish I lived somewhere warm enough (and less windy) so I could grow them.

  7. I love sunflower seeds - really useful advice! I will do this next year :)

  8. Love sunflowers - Great tips as to how to harvest the seeds


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