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Great British Sewing Bee is back on BBC2 for Children in Need

The Great British Sewing Bee returned to our tv screens this week, for a very special celebrity special for Children in Need. I have watched both series, by the second series I was totally hooked and had resurrected my sewing machine from it's hiding place under the stairs.

Toyota sewing machine
Ready for the Great British Sewing Bee
If you have yet to watch Tuesdays show you can watch it on BBC iPlayer.

There are three episodes it total with the next on BBC2 today, Thursday. Each has a different presenter, Jenny Eclair, Sara Cox and Anita Rani. I must say Jenny Eclair was most entertaining, watch out Claudia Winkleman! We have the usual judges the very knowledgeable May and the suave Patrick now supporting a new moustache, I say bring back the beard, my sister says loose them both!

Watch a clip from the first show 

If the first Children in Need Great British Sewing Bee show is anything to go by the celebrity contestants showed great skill, though some had a shaky start. Some of the celebrities taking part include Dr Dawn from Embarrassing Bodies', Hairy Biker Dave Myers, actress Pam Ferris of Call the Midwife fame (love that programme), Louie Spence, and comedian Helen Lederer. 

One of the first items they made was a Sewing Bee A line skirt with an elasticated waist, and made in just a few hours. Unlike mine which took me 10 weeks at evening class and hours at home. I used the Macalls 3341 pattern to make my A Line skirt, which I later found out was featured on the first ever episode of the BBC Great British Sewing Bee.  

Great British Sewing Bee Macalls 3341 skirt pattern
the back of my skirt
Although I did learn something at college it was a painful process. I was forbidden by the tutor to even consider making an elasticated waisted skirt, even though I had pointed out that with my scoliosis elasticated waists work really well. I did leave the course with some knowledge though. I half learnt how to read and adjust a pattern, pinning and marking out a pattern, eventually cutting it out by week 5! 
Macalls 3341 skirt pattern Great British Sewing Bee
Front view of skirt
My skirt may look a little wonky to you, but it is made to fit my shape particularly my wonky hip and waist. Which you can see clearer from the front view as I have more fabric at the back of the skirt to allow for it hanging higher on my waist. I finished off with some trim and a button, and I have worn it a few times now. I hope to make another using this pattern again soon, fingers crossed.

Macalls 3341 skirt pattern

Homemade Thursday

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  1. Such a cute skirt! Pretty vintage too! I love it! Wish i could sew but i'm just not creative!
    Great job!

  2. I have a plan... one day in the future I will learn how to sew

  3. Love that skirt, I wish I had more time to be at my machine but life seems crazy busy at the moment

  4. Wow! That's beautiful! I would love to be able to sew like that! Thank you for linking up to #homemadethursday x

  5. That is a lovely skirt. I wish I could sew

  6. Great job.

    Can't say I can sew much,I can use my wife's sewing machine,but it usually involves some swearing.


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