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Chocolate Cake Raises Money for Macmillan

A week last Friday thousands of Macmillan Coffee Mornings were taking place, including one at my work place. Just as last year I took part and this year contributed with a rather large chocolate cake. I am pleased to say that we raised a magnificent £176 for Macmillan, all from the staff located on our floor of the building. 
Chocolate Cake for Macmillan
Chocolate Cake for Macmillann
The chocolate cake I made was a Thornton's cake - yes I know a packet mix cake, not something I would normally do when a homemade cake is so easy. Thorntons had launched a cake mix as part of their range of products and were giving away a number of packets, not one to miss a giveaway I put my name in the hat. Ta da I was one of the lucky winners.

CAkes for Macmillan
Cakes for Macmillan
The cake was made using oil as with many packet mixes, and actually made a light and very rich chocolate cake. The slices soon disappeared and the donation pot filled quickly. Others also made cakes or purchased cakes to sell, someone even made up some doggy biscuits packs to sell!

Dog biscuits for Macmillan
Apologies for the photo quality they were taken on my phone either early in the morning or in the office.

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