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A Visit to Stokesay Castle an English Heritage Property

Stokesay Castle is one of my favourite historical places to visit in Shropshire. An English Heritage property who's great hall dates back to 1281, it also has a rather beautiful gatehouse built in 1641. Conservation of the property was completed by the Victorians and today's English Heritage, I have to agree with their description of it being 'a medieval jewel'.
Gatehouse at Stokesay Castle
It must be a few years since I last visited Stokesay Castle and English Heritage have made a number of improvements to the visitor experience:-
  • More seating within castle grounds, from what I can recall from my previous visits there is now more benches to sit and enjoy the surrounding views of Shropshire or a nice cup of tea from the tea room.

  • Lady Acton's Audio Tour, I do remember an audio tour previously, but not told from the perspective of Lady Acton. Many heritage properties now give visitors the option to hear its history in this way. This is one of the most engaging audio tours I have experienced, Lady Acton really does set the scene and help you experience the atmosphere of the medieval period. I must agree with Lady Acton's choice of favourite room in the castle, I am sure you will too.
Stokesay Castle Tea Room

  • Stokesay Castle Tea Room, well lets face it, no historical property is complete without the modern visitor essential - a tea room. I must say Stokesay Castle have done a fabulous job integrating their tea room into the visually appealing gatehouse. The tea and cake both received a thumbs up from my sister and I, the jam in the Victoria sponge was particularly tasty. There was a very good array and cakes, bakes and hot food available from within this Tardis like kitchen, majority of which is homemade.

You can expect steps and uneven surfaces in a property of this age, so you will need to watch your footing. I would suggest a phone call to the property if one of your party is in a wheelchair as there is limited access.

During my visit I even managed to purchase a few Christmas presents during my visit, oh yes I am not afraid to use the c word in September.

Gatehouse garden at Stokesay Castle
Essential information

  • Entry to the property is free if you are a member of English Heritage, otherwise your should check the admission charges on their website.
  • The tea room is open April to October.
  • Car parking costs £1
  • Stokesay Castle is located near Craven Arms, Shropshire and is well signposted.
English Heritage Stokesay Castle

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  1. I used to visit Stokesay Castle when I was at university and had friends who lived near Much Wenlock. Thanks so much for this post as it really takes me back. I think it's had a lick of paint on the outside since then. And that Victoria Sponge ... the true taste of England. Feeling homesick!

  2. I've always wanted to visit this beautiful place. I am so glad you shared your visit with us. Lovely cake, too!


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