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Garden memories of Geraniums or is that Pelargoniums?

The Pelargoniums cuttings have been a real success this year, a mild Winter ensured that most of them survived. They have obviously embraced the wonderful British weather of the last few months, all have flourished. 

Pelagonium and garden memories
Twenty years ago I would never have envisaged I would be so interested in gardening, my parents had never really shown or had much time for gardening when I was growing up. I was bought up with your average front lawn with a garden path, although we did have a rather exotic looking large Yucca plant at the front of the house. My time visiting my maternal grandparents was mostly spent out in the garden, my grandfather loved gardening and there was always an abundance of flowers and vegetables. He also had an aviary in the garden, which housed many Budgies and Finches - I would spend many a visit happily helping top up their food and water.
Garden memories
I always remember come wintertime every windowsill in my grandparents house would be occupied with Geraniums, smelling them the moment you walked into a room. Geraniums have such a distinctive scent, something I have only acquired a liking for recently. It was not until earlier this year I found out from my mother that my nan absolutely hated Geraniums not just the smell but how they occupied her windowsills during Winter.

Scented Pelargonium
Geraniums are not the only plant that remind me of my grandparents others include Lily of the Valley and Snap Dragons. I remember a large bed of Lily of the Valley under the lounge window, not a flower you see as often in gardens today. Then of course Snap Dragons, I distinctively remember my brother and I picking the flowers heads and running around the garden with the flowers in our fingers making the little dragons snap away. Not sure today whether my granddad would of approved of our early attempt of deadheading.

Do you have any special memories triggered by a flower or plant?

Geraniums and Pelargoniums garden memories
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  1. My Nan used to love taking cutting of plants from other peoples' gardens! She particularly liked scented honeysuckle and varigated ivy. In her large bag she would carry a pair of scissors and make me take cuttings of things she saw on the walk home from school. Thankfully we never got caught!

  2. I adore red roses, thanks to childhood memories of my nan growing the most gorgeous vivid roses in her garden. I had red roses as my wedding bouquet, and even my daughter is called Scarlett Rose!

  3. Ah I love flowers but I'm definitely not the type to be able to grow them and nourish them in my garden. My nan is definitely more the type :)
    I stick to my cactus haha


  4. I always had a lemon geranium on my bedroom windowsill growing up, so have fond memories of that. Like you my granddad was really into gardening and grew masses of vegetables and flowers, but it was the rose that was his real passion and he had hundreds of them. So I always think of him whenever I see roses.

  5. What gorgeous colours. Geraniums always remind me of my nan, she had heaps in her garden! #UKbloggers

  6. My Grandad did A LOT of veg growing, and my Dad did a far bit - I grow a lot of fruit!


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