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Time for a Life Change

For quite sometime members of my family have been nagging me suggesting to me that I should consider making some changes to my work/life balance. 
Earlier this year as you may know I has been poorly for the second time in six months, linked to my scoliosis. Following advise from my consultant I decided it was time for action, time to put myself first. I put my request into work to reduce my working week to two days, and thankfully for me it was accepted. That was back in April, and it is probably only in the last month that I feel I have embraced it and not felt as if I was on annual leave.

I have rediscovered my sewing machine, reading books, meeting friends for a coffee and catchup. But more importantly relaxing and living a healthy lifestyle which still includes cake.

You can expect lots more blogging about my new love of sewing. I have already made a new cover for my sewing machine, a cushion and most impressively a skirt!

Are you putting off that life change or a decision waiting to be made? Take that step, gain control and make it happen. You are the only one to put change into your life. Gosh that is all very positive of me! Happy times ahead. 
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  1. It's great that you finally put yrself over work. U shd take care of yr health first.. Totally agree on the work life balance. Hope you get well soon.. Take care

  2. I hope new changes will treat you well.
    I would love to learn how to sew but I have kind f two left hands :-(

  3. I love a good proactive blog post, I have been feeling like this myself recently so hopefully we will see the results soon x


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