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How to Store Apples

I am going to explain how I store my harvest of eating and cooking apples. Apples are usually ready for harvesting during September, some of them you will eat or bake with. Quite often though you can be left with an excess of apples. For those apples that are in good condition ie no bruises and blemish free you can store them. Storing apples over winter is a great way to save money and still enjoy fruit during the winter. Cooking apples are delicious baked with sweet mincemeat and oats, or maybe you just fancy apple pie. 
Storing apples over winter
How to store apples
Picking apples - you will know if an apple is ripe as it should come away from the tree with a small twist.

Storing apples - you must have a perfect apple for it to store well. No marks, bruises or blemishes so pick them carefully and inspect them well.

You do not need a fancy wooden apple store, I will show you how to store apples using old newspaper and reusing old office trays.
  1. Select suitable apples to store - no blemishes, bruises or marks.
  2. Wipe the apple with a clean rag
  3. Cut or tear your newspaper into squares, the size will depend on how big your apples are.
  4. Place the apple upside down, in the centre of the newspaper, taking each corner of the newspaper to the top of the apple, these can overlap.
  5. Place the wrapped apple right side up on an old office organiser tray.
  6. Store in a cool dark place, I store mine in the garage.
  7. Check the apples every 3 to 4 weeks, remove any apples that are starting to rot so they do not affect any of the surrounding apples. Usually you can smell a sweet fruit smell if there is an apple that is starting to turn bad.
I have used this method for storing apples for the last 6 years successfully. Here is hoping for a bumper harvest of apples this year.

How to store apples using old desk trays and newspaper
Storing apples

Do you store any fruits or vegetables over winter?
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  1. Thanks for sharing! Now I know how to keep the apples fresh. We don't have apple trees growing in this part of t globe but this tips comes in handy to keep store bought ones.. :)

  2. Great tip. My parents always had a lot of apples trees and I remember our long wrapping sessions as a child, but it is worth it - fresh apples for much longer.

  3. great tip, my nan and grandad have a apply tree in their garden! x

  4. I love your method of storing apples. We have a scruffy tree growing on the other side of the fence between our neighbor's garden and a horse paddock. Unfortunately, when they fall, the birds have pecked them and they're not worth saving. Can't pick them because of blackberry growth underneath.

  5. I never store apples, we have a tree but I tend just to turn them all into sauce and can it, I hate to find I hadn't stored one correctly it got moldy and ruined the lot :-)

  6. We had NO apples this year, but lot of pears though. We store the pears wrapped in the salad drawer in the fridge!

  7. My Mum has just given me a batch of apples from her garden. Thanks for the tip.


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