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Flowers in bloom at my local park

Bowring Park
Springtime flowers in the park
Not only do I consider myself lucky that I have a wonderful garden, but I am also lucky enough to live near a local park, which at the moment is looking rather splendid. There are some wonderful planted flower beds surrounding the well manicured bowling greens.

For the last few years there has always been a fabulous display of Tulips amongst a carpet of wonderful pink Forget-Me-Nots. I have blue Forget-Me-Nots in my garden which is the colour most people associate with this flower, so it makes a change to see the pink. Which I think works well with the planting of the Tulips, although I did prefer the darker pink Tulips planted last year.

Flowers in Bowring Park

Pink Forget Me Not

Bowring Park

Bowring Park

Sadly the small Victorian building in the park has been beset by two arson attacks, the last one only a day before the small cafe inside was due to reopen following the repairs from the initial attack.  I will not waste any words on these culprits, only that I hope the cafe will re-open very soon.
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  1. Those colours are really popping out at me ! love it

  2. Your local park looks lovely, such a great place for you to visit. Such a shame about the arson attacks.

  3. The flowers look beautiful. What a lovely place to visit. I would happily sit there all day if the sun was shining.



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