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Easy Easter Egg Decorating

Fun craft idea decorating Easter Eggs with pen
Easter egg fun!
I have indulged myself in a touch of simple Easter crafting and like many people I find Pinterest a great source of inspiration. Whilst browsing for Easter ideas I discovered this great pin for decorating eggs using felt tip pens.

Fun craft idea decorating Easter Eggs with pen

Fun craft idea Easter Eggs with pen
Dotty Egg
  • duck eggs
  • felt tip pens(non toxic)
So off I went to raid my nieces craft box (she will not mind, honest!) make sure the felt tip pens are non toxic just to be safe. I used duck eggs to decorate as they have a white egg shell, but of course you can use standard brown hen eggs. You may want to gently hard boil your eggs first to make them easier to handle, and avoid any unnecessary mess should you accidentally crack an egg. I did a blog post earlier this week that will help if you are unsure on how to boil an egg.

These are very simple to do and they make a very effective Easter decorations or some very special Easter Eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, ready for the big Easter Egg Hunt.

Happy Easter!
Fun craft idea decorating Easter Eggs with pen
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  1. What pretty eggs! We are thinking about doing this - I have all the kit, but my son isn't playing along.


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