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Easter Rocky Road and Chocolate Nest Cupcakes

I love baking for Easter, there are so many difference treats to choose from, instead of hitting my bookshelf of recipe books I visited the Baking Mad website. I was lucky enough to receive a parcel of chocolate related Silver Spoon goodies from Baking Mad, so it seem only logical to choose something chocolaty. There is over forty Easter recipes on the Baking Mad website to choose from, I settled on making Chocolate Nest Cupcakes and then also some Easter Rocky Road.
Easter Chocolate Nests Rice Krispies Cakes
Chocolate Nest Cakes for Easter
This week is my first time back in the office since being ill at the start of March, I work in an office where you take in cakes for your birthday and mine had been and gone at the start of April, it simply would not do if I turned up empty handed! I think it is fair to say they are really being spoilt at work.

Easter Chocolate Nests Rice Krispies Cakes
Yummy Chocolate Easter Cakes
Easter Chocolate Nests Rice Krispies Cakes
Easter treats!
The Chocolate Nest Cupcakes were fun to make, children will really enjoy adding a dollop of butter cream on top of the cake then creating the nest with chocolate pops and popping in the eggs.  They really do look very pretty and effective.

The special Easter Rocky Road recipe includes creme eggs and mini eggs, the Baking Mad recipe includes pieces of fudge, but as I did not have any I replaced this with sultanas. 

I followed the recipes using my i-phone, for each recipe on the mobile version of the Baking Mad website there is a handy Baking Mode. I have to say it made it easy to follow the steps as you work through each recipe.

Baking Mad Rocky Road
Rocky Road Easter style!
Mini Eggs Rocky Road
Easter Rocky Road - Smash it up!
Thank you to Baking Mad for sending me the Silver Spoon chocolate products.
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