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March where has it gone?

I have no idea what has happened to March it has truly passed me by, a chest infection including two spells in hospital has floored me. I have spent most of my days in pyjamas or lounge wear and have drunk tea and water galore, although I am starting to miss my weekly treat of a large Mocha from my local coffee shop. 

The recuperation continues and I am certainly feeling as though  I am coming through the other side, although I still succumb to the odd afternoon nap.
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  1. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better - Make the most of those afternoon naps! I agree ... Where on earth has March gone? Bring it back!!

  2. I wondered why you hadn't been posting - sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell, hoping you get back to your normal soon very soon.

  3. Hope you are on the 'up' now and that you will really enjoy April and all that the Easter Bunny brings!

  4. Very sorry to hear that you've not been well but I'm hoping that things just go on getting better and better from now on. It's a shame that the coffee shop doesn't deliver.

  5. Ahh bless you - I hope you are feeling much better now that we are well into April. Nothing better than lighter, brighter days to make you feel more cheerful too.


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