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Angel - a cat that was one in a million

From now on it will be a quieter house whilst I am blogging. Sadly on Friday I had to take my cat called Angel to the vets for the final time. I knew for sometime that day was getting nearer, she was the grand age of twenty years old in human years that is 100 in cat years. The years had been good to her and she was a wonderful affectionate pet, really finding her personality when I moved house six years ago. I will miss her endless meowing, head butting and muddy paws. 
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  1. Oh Angela, I am so sorry to hear about your lovely cat. It's so devastating loosing a friend you've loved for so long. She had an amazingly long life so you must have taken very good care of her. You loved her very much and she loved you, too. I know from experience that you will always have a kitty shaped hole in your heart but remember the joy she gave you, the companionship, and love you shared. You have given a special little cat a wonderful life....what a blessing.

    With love and sympathy,
    Debs X

  2. So sorry to hear about Angel, deepest sympathies Angela and you'll always have your memories of her. Thinking of you xxx

  3. So very sorry to hear this. She led a wonderful life. Hugss xxx

  4. What a beautiful soul. I'm so glad you got to have her in your life for 20 beautiful years.


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