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A guided Snowdrop walk around Sunnycroft

snowdrop walk Sunnycroft
Snowdrop variety Magnet
This morning I enjoyed a very interesting guided Snowdrop walk by Shropshire galanthophile Eddie Roberts. A galanthophile for those of you like myself who did not know, is a person who collects snowdrops. The walk took place at the National Trust Sunnycroft property in Shropshire. Some of you may recall from a previous blog post this is an Edwardian Villa where I also volunteer in my spare time, but today I was there as a visitor.

This years mild weather means Snowdrops are out early.  You won't find swaths of snowdrops at Sunnycroft but you will find lots of varieties, seventeen different types to be exact. Two varieties the Magnet and Galatea are original to the period of the house and have been there since approximately 1890's. 

April Fool snowdrop
Snowdrop variety April Fool

I learnt so many interesting facts on the tour, most of which I can not remember!  I did however remember that the Snowdrop variety Walrus loves wet, damp ground and does well when the ground has flooded, so it should do rather well this year. Though if your garden is on the drier side then Cedric's Prolific would do well.  There was little sun out on the tour so many of the Snowdrop petals were closed. It was a little too early for one particular variety, April Fool so named as it is not unusual for it to flower in April.  The Greatorex double varieties are mostly named after female Shakespeare characters such as Cordelia and Jacquenetta, a fact I remembered purely because my cousin is a Shakespeare fan.

I did get a chance to speak with Eddie after the tour, he has 150-200 varieties in his own garden, and admits to being rather fanatical about Snowdrops. More surprisingly Eddie was telling me about Margaret Owen who is a renowned Snowdrop collector with around 400 varieties at her South Shropshire garden. She opens her garden to the public every year for charity, so my mission is to find out when it is open over the next month in order to cram in a visit.

The photos are of rather a poor quality, which is a result of me leaving my camera setting to 'food', you can imagine the names I called myself. 
Shropshire snowdrops
A little gravel helps protect some of the shorter Snowdrops from mud splatter from the rain
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  1. Very pretty, I will have to go and have a look!

  2. What a lovely place to have a walk. Thank you for the photos


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