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National Botanical Gardens of Wales

National Botanical Gardens of Wales

My recent holiday to Pembrokeshire gave me an opportunity to visit for the first time, the National Botanical Gardens of Wales. Now I admit the middle of November is not the ideal time of year to visit a garden.  It was indeed a very cold day, but two of the warmer features of the gardens to look forward to would be The Great Glass House and the Tropical House. Sure to supply a flower or two.


The first place visited was The Great Glass House, alas on this day the heating had broken down so there was no need to take off my coat. I have no doubt this was equally as much a shock to the plants as it was to myself! The planting is split into zones Australia, South Africa, Chile, Mediterranean, Canary Islands and Californian, you will even find a fair sized water feature within the domed structure.
My sister thought this flower reminded
her of a liquorice allsort
One of my favourite features of the visit was the Fungi exhibition, this was extremely interesting, informative and best of all fun. Something both adults and children alike would enjoy and learn from. 

A slight Alice in Wonderland moment!

I must say there was a magnificent sized walled garden, which I imagine would looked spectacular during the Summer.

A quick mention for Stan who was one of the volunteers who drove an   electric buggy around the site, he also gave a great mini tour of the Broadwalk and Slate Beds.

Orchids in the Tropical House
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