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An impromptu afternoon tea

Usually when I lay on an afternoon tea I put quite a lot of preparation into it. This week I have been away to Bluestone, Pembrokeshire -  a free holiday thanks to a competition on the Bluestone Facebook page! 

crisp sandwiches
An impulsive afternoon tea
One of the days was spent milling around a lovely village called Narberth, there picked up some scones and a cake or too before heading back to Bluestone. With limited food in the lodge as we ate out mostly, when we returned the idea of a sandwich escalated into an impromptu afternoon tea. We had really limited food supplies, so had to work with what we had - you will understand when you see the menu!

* Impromptu Afternoon Tea Menu *


Banana and Nutella


Pineapple tart
Rocky road

Shortbread biscuits
Mint Matchmakers



This was such a wonderful one off afternoon tea, doing something on impulse is such a good thing. The teapot and set in the lodge really did make this afternoon tea, very impressed with Bluestone there was a milk jug and even a tea strainer. I will remember my first visit to Pembrokeshire for a number of reasons, this special afternoon tea being just one of them.

I will leave you with this thought, we should eat crisp sandwiches more often.
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  1. I love afternoon tea and this one looks great.

  2. Afternoon tea is the best. I also love high tea - doughnuts! Sandwiches when I haven't had to make them are my favourite :)


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