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Showstopper Chequerboard Cake Recipe with Home Bargains

Would I like to bake a Showstopper Cake? The lovely people at Home Bargains have sent me a selection of some of their great products so I can get involved with the #GBBO craze and bake my very own Showstopper cake. I turned to my Great British Bake Off book and had a flick through for inspiration and decided on a recipe for Chocolate Checkerboard cake.

Chocolate Checkerboard Cake Recipe
Chocolate Checkerboard Cake Recipe
The  cake was quite straight forward, make a vanilla sponge mix which you then split and  add some cocoa and  milk  to one half.  Then using two  piping bags, pipe the two sponge mixes into the cake pans. I used the Home Bargains round  silicone cake trays, I made sure  these were greased and  have to say  the cake  turned out easily and perfectly using the stainless steel spatula.

Home bargains baking
Home Bargains baking goodies
Whilst I waited for the cake to cool, I made some white chocolate and some plain chocolate ganache. The pink silicone trivet £0.79 was most useful at protecting the work surface as I was mixing the heated cream into the chocolate. It also takes up less room than a traditional wooden trivet.  I have to say the white chocolate ganache was absolutely gorgeous, I thoroughly indulged in eating the leftovers! 

silicone cake tray

silicone trivet
Trivet time

The two cakes were sandwiched together with the white chocolate ganache, and then the fun began smothering the cake with rich dark chocolate ganache. Now this is where the Stainless Steel spatula really came into its own, I was very impressed it is slightly offset which makes it easier to work with and priced at only £0.99 it really is a Home Bargains bargain!

Easy checkerboard cake recipe

Easy recipe checkerboard cake
Easy checkerboard cake recipe
The cake was transported down to Worcestershire where the 50 years young birthday boy was waiting. As you can see below when you cut a slice of cake the checkerboard effect can be seen, how very clever! What a tasty and wonderful Home Bargains Showstopper Cake it was, will now try and persuade my niece to have this cake in pink for her next birthday.

Loved the spatula with measurements from Home Bargains
I  am looking forward to using the  super cute  Woodland animals cake cases during  the forthcoming school holidays when my niece and I can bake some fairy cakes.

Easy recipe checkerboard cake
Catch the cake quick before it all goes!
I have to say you can always rely on finding a huge variety of products at fabulous prices from the now well established Home Bargains. 

I was sent a selection of items from Home Bargains for the purposes of review, all opinions expressed are my own.
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