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How to Save Cornflower Seeds

Enjoyed a display of beautiful Cornflowers? I will show you how to save your Cornflower seeds, for another display next year. 
How to Save Cornflower seeds
Dwarf Cornflower collected seed heads
Six years ago I bought myself a packet of Dwarf Cornflower seeds, which I planted and cared for resulting in a wonderful display of bright blue flowers. At the end of the year I collected the seeds from the flowers and stored them. I'll admit to not really knowing what I was doing, I was new to gardening back then. The following year I planted the very seeds I had collected and again was rewarded with an abundance of little blue Cornflowers. I have repeated this exercise every year since, although I do get the odd pink Cornflower make an appearance amongst all the blue.

So again this year I let the remaining flower heads go to seed, then collected the dried seed heads. By rubbing the seed head between my thumb and finger all the tiny seeds drop out, it is best to do this in the greenhouse or house as one whiff of a breeze and the seeds will disappear on the wind. Place into a paper bag or seed bag and label clearly, store in a cool dark place. I keep mine in a seed tin in the garage. 
How to Save Cornflower seeds
Dwarf Cornflower Seeds
If you have any flowers in the garden that have now gone to seed, be sure to collect those seeds ready for a free display of colour next year. Marigolds are particularly easy to collect and sow.
How to Save Cornflower seeds

How to save flower seeds gardening tutorial

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