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Whittard Tea - Review

Whittard tea selection
Lovely, lovely tea to review. Which I have been slowly sipping my way through over the last few weeks. In fact it's helped distract me from a chest infection that I have struggled to recover from, hence the reason of so few blog posts of late. 

There is an amazing array of teas to choose from on the Whittard website, I selected three different teas to try along with an individual tea strainer.

The packaging of each tea details suggested brewing times specific for each tea, this will help to achieve the perfect pot of tea. It is also clearly shown on the front of each box the type of tea eg. Strong Traditional along with details of teabag of loose which I would think would be helpful when you have a shelf of teas in front of you in the shop.

Organic English Breakfast teabags - English Breakfast is one of my preferred blends of tea, I would say this is my daily tea of choice. During the last few weeks I have been drinking the Whittard brand with milk alongside another well known organic brand of tea. My personal choice Whittard just has the edge, based purely on taste. Not that the other tastes bad indeed it tastes great after all I have been drinking it for years. Teabags, no disputing the convenience of these a truly genius invention!

Whittard Original black tea loose - I was tempted by this tea having read some of the reviews on the website. A tea blend with a slight fragrant taste to it, nothing over powering, quite subtle. I drank this tea black.

Whittard 1886 black tea loose - this is the first tea blended by Mr Whittard back in 1886. A tea described as smooth with a malty sweetness, or to me it tasted like Fig Roll biscuits but without the calories. A very nice cup of tea indeed, which I drank with milk. 

Loose tea, for some reason this makes me want to stop, sit and savor my tea. I don't know why it just feels like it is something a little special.  You can choose to brew your tea in a teapot and use a strainer when pouring your tea into your teacup. Once opened you are best to store your tea in a container to help maintain its freshness, although the Whittard packs do have a sticky to seal the pack just be careful not to split the pack when you first open it.

I used the long handled tea strainer I was sent perfect for making individual cups of loose tea. It was very easy to use and achieved its aim - to keep all the tea leaves in and let the flavour out. The simple one handed strainer had a strong spring and the long handle made scooping the loose tea free from mess. Make sure the strainer is dry, if you get it wet and then try scooping you will bet into a mess. This strainer will be moving location and following me to work! 

Long handled tea strainer
If I had a Whittard store nearby I would definitely be popping in to get my English Breakfast teabags, but sadly they closed my nearest store around 6 years ago of course I can still order online.

Tea Tip - don't forget to pop your used tea leaves into your compost bin. Or if you do not have a compost bin sprinkle them around the base of your Roses. 

The tea and a tea strainer was provided free of charge from Whittard for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own.
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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I like the tea strainer

  2. Sorry to hear about your chest infection and I hope you're well on the mend now. What an amazing lot of tea - I especially like your description of the 1886 one and I'd really like to try it! Take care, Suzanne XX

  3. Have been a long time fan of Whittards products, they make great quality teas

  4. love the tea strainer :)


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