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Rose Iceberg Floribunda Gardening Express - Review

Rose Iceberg Bloom
I have never ordered plants online well except for some flower bulbs, I have always been a walk around a garden centre touch and feel plant purchaser. So when I was approached by Gardening Express and asked if I would like to browse or virtual walk around their website and choose a plant, they certainly had my interest.

Selecting a Plant
Before I hit the website I had a walk around the garden to see what was missing. What did I need? There is an area of the garden that is quite green in colour at this time of year, the Apple tree, hedge and lawn. In Spring it has the wonderful blossom of the apple tree but in Summer it is missing a touch of delicate colour. 
Apple tree
Having browsed around the virtual plants on the website. Which is helpfully split by type of plant such as Patio Plants, Ferns, Roses, Shrubs, Trees etc. I settled on looking into detail on the Roses, which is further split by types of Roses e.g. Bush and Shrub Roses, Patio Roses, Standard Rose Trees, Flower Carpet Roses, David Austin Roses.  I knew now I wanted a climbing rose, that could meander its way through the apple tree. There are thirty three different climbing roses to choose from on the website. I decided I wanted a rose colour that would standout but not clash with other plants in the border below, so settled on Rose Climbing Iceburg Floribunda. Which has beautiful delicate white roses with almost thornless growth, and is supplied as a very strong plant in large 5 litre container.

I confess to being most sceptical about having a large plant delivered, and it arriving in good condition. I received text message from the courier advising me my parcel had been dispatched and a tracking number to follow its progress online. The parcel arrived as promised by a very jolly deliveryman, the box was very sturdy and the plant well protected.  

Unwrapping the delivery (click photo to enlarge)
Rose Climbing Iceberg Plant
As I took the scissors to the box and started to unwrap the plant, it almost appeared to grow out of the top.  The plant was not crammed or stuffed into the packaging, the plant was in excellent condition and healthy with just one leaf snapped. There was no soil tipped from the container. To be fair I suspect that had I purchased this plant at a garden centre and transported it home myself it would be unlikely to have arrived in such a great condition.
Rose Iceberg Floribunda
There were over 20 rose buds on the plant and the leaves were lovely glossy and green. I had not expected the Iceberg Rose to have any buds on it let alone so many. Now with me still not feeling so great a few weeks ago and really only up to sitting in the garden, I decided in the short term to have this wonderful rose placed on the patio.  This way I could enjoy the Roses as they started to bloom. When the rose is planted, it will need pruning to start trailing up the tree and being so close to the end of the flowering season I wanted to enjoy the roses now. The scent from the flowers is subtle, sweet and fragrant - very nice indeed. This looks like it is going to be a very pleasing plant that will offer much enjoyment for years to come. Can not wait to share with you its progress next year.

I was asked to select a plant from the gardening express website, which I was supplied with free of charge for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. prefer Diana Princess of Wales white floribunda, more flowers,compact not leggy

  2. I love ice bergs, lovely to brighten up a spot in the garden. Must say tho my favourites are hybrid tea's.


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