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A cake, a mug and a giveaway!

Cake and a cuppa and a to do list in the making!
How do you like my mug, do you remember back in 2013 the year of the Olympics and Jubilee I made a very patriotic Union Jack cake. Well a few weeks ago I entered a competition (I do that quite a  bit) to win a personalised mug from The Gift Experience Company  on their Facebook page and was selected as the 'lucky winner'.  It took me a while to decide, although I knew I did not want a photo of a person and we all know how well tea and cake go together.  So my Union Jack cake photo it was. 

If you fancy a chance of winning too, The Gift Experience run the Monday Mug Competition well every Monday of course! Well little did I know until I won but they are a Shropshire based business too. 
Union Jack Sponge Cake
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  1. Thats so cool! I love your cake and now you can be reminded of it every time you have a cuppa! - I think it would make me crave cake though...


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