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A visit to Shropshire Lavender

Lovely Shropshire Lavender
A few weeks ago my sister and I visited Shropshire Lavender, mainly to look at the selection of different Lavenders but also looking to pick up a few tips on which variety is best to use in baking. 

Shropshire Lavender located in a tiny village of Pickstock, Shropshire is run by Joanna and Robin Spencer, both of whom made us very welcome and were happy to answer the many questions we had about Lavender. 

They have a wonderful little shed/shop everything presented and co-ordinated so stylishly, even down to Joanna's earrings. They also had a Lavender garden with as you would expect many  different varieties, although I confess it did look in the need of a little tidying up. 

I treated myself to a few new lavender plants, one being the Mailette a variety suitable for baking with, not too overpowering with fragrance and flavour. I also received tips on the best time to harvest the flower heads - just before they bloom fully is best for baking. So next year I will be baking using my own home grown lavender.  But as I could not wait until next year I also purchased for just £3 a packet of culinary Lavender,  that way I do not have to wait to bake!

Obviously we also stopped and had a cup of tea in the garden as it was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, along with a very nice Lavender Scone and a piece of Orange, Almond and Lavender cake.

Will definitely be popping back next year, I know my friend Linda will certainly enjoy a trip here.

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  1. Oh how lovely! I was only thinking this morning about baking with lavender as I have never done so. I am told lavender biscuits are very nice! I have just discovered that there is a lavender field with a tea room en-route, not too far from me so will go and visit before the end of the holiday/

  2. Oh I would so like to visit this place! It looks so pretty and your photos are lovely. I love lavender.
    M x


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