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Sweetie Birthday Cake

Sweetie Cake
During my Devon holiday, my niece was seven years old which obviously called for a birthday cake.  Nothing to complicated or time-consuming as we were after all on our holidays, and given the heatwave we were experiencing a hot kitchen was the last place I wanted to be in. I suggested that a cake covered in sweeties to my niece - who agreed after all it included a trip to the sweet shop in Brixham.  She got to select her favourite sweeties which were:- Cherry Lips, Floral Gums and mini Jelly Babies.

Sweetie Cake

A straight forward 8 oz cake mix that had a little strawberry essence and pink food colouring added to it, baked in two sandwich tins. 

Assembled using strawberry jam and buttercream, which again had a little strawberry essence and pink food colouring added.

Covered the outside of the cake with a layer of buttercream, don't worry about being precise you will not see the buttercream once you have added the sweets and chocolate fingers.  I then placed the cake in the fridge for the buttercream to escape from the heatwave for a short while.

Decorate the side of the cake using two boxes of chocolate fingers which stick nicely to the buttercream, although a few extra would not of gone amiss. Sprinkle the sweeties onto the top of the cake to finish.
Demolished Sweetie Cake!

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  1. It does look lovely, I shall have to make a similar one for my sons birthday in October.

  2. That looks delicious - I LOVE sweets, sadly they don't love me and make me ill! xx

  3. What a lovely cake & full sweetness! YUMMY!

  4. This is incredible! I definitely have to make this for the next occasion that merits it... that'll be 'Thursday evening' yeah?!?


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