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Brixham Holiday Highlights and a Royal Visit

Wolborough House and Brixham Breakwater Bistro
I recently returned from a wonderful holiday in Devon, staying in an amazing Edwardian mansion with twelve members of my family - including aunts, uncles and cousin. This was my first visit to south Devon and the weather was faultless, well maybe a little too hot on some days. This post is a little later than I had planned as I returned from Devon with a rather nasty chest infection, hence the blog being a little quiet of late.  So here are my holiday highlights!

**Brixham Holiday Highlights**

Harbour side community gardens 
The walk along the harbour and marina is not only picturesque with the sea and boats on one side but on the other side there are some beautiful community gardens.

Beautiful views
The house was situation above the Brixham Breakwater, we experienced some spectacular sunsets. Early afternoon, when the heat was far too warm to be out in I would enjoyed a drink and the view from one of the comfy chairs in the dinning room - people and boat watching from a distance. The house itself had some beautiful pieces of architecture to enjoy, such as the stunning stain glass window.

Royal Brixham
A huge surprise on the Tuesday - royal visitors to Brixham. Originally we had planned a pamper day for the ladies in the family, as all the men were on a trip sea fishing. So we walked down to the marina and meet Prince Charles and Camila, Duchess of Cornwall. There was a small crowd, the sun was shinning and my niece got to shake the hands of both the royal visitors to the excitement of all the family.

Seashells and crabs
My niece enjoyed crabbing in the harbour, although once the men in the family got involved it got all very competitive! I can also recommend a visit into the town on a Monday and Thursday evening when the Brixham Town Band play at the Old Fish Quay - I always enjoy a touch of Phantom of the Opera. 

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  1. What a glorious trip, And to meet some of the Royal Family!!! And yes...once men start fishing and crabbing, its always who caught the first or the biggest...LOL.I live near the Gulf Coast and its always a hoot to fish...LOL.
    Your pictures are wonderful and I so enjoyed my visit here. I am sorry you caught a chest infection. They can be nasty. I pray you are doing better.
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antoinette


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