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Bye, bye Google Reader hello Bloglovin

Bye, bye Google Reader! Anyone who likes to read and follow lots of blog sites will not be surprised to hear Google Reader is closing 1 July 2013, for it has been the talk of the blogosphere for many months.

To continue receiving updates from Garden Tea Cakes and Me be sure to add me to your new reader, or follow me on any of the following methods:-

I have decided to use Bloglovin, I know that one of the other favourites is Feedly. Having used Bloglovin for the last few months I found it:- 
  • very easy to import the list of blogs I follow from Google, as simple as a click of a button. 
  • I love the single email each day with all new posts.
  • I also love the phone app, I can keep up to date with all the blogs no matter where I am.
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