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Fudge - a success story

Fudge - a simple sweet treat made with just a few ingredients, but boy has it given me problems in the past. 

But at last I have made fudge that has set and cut into lovely cubes. I think it is an improvement on last week's fudge failure and even  the year before

What was different about how I made the fudge this time? Well to be honest I am not really sure.  It could be that I have used a different saucepan, one with a heavy bottom. Or I used a different recipe, or even that I used an out of date tin of evaporated milk! 

I used a recipe from Good To Know Recipes. The only difference being I added a 'dollop' of crunchy peanut butter to the fudge as I was stirring the fudge off the heat.

If you have a favourite fudge recipe you can recommend to me, do  let me know.

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  1. Oh I've had such problems too. I want to crack red velvet fudge so bad. My chocolate one is a simple recipe but I'm bored of it. Maybe its time to mix it up with peanut butter! Hazel x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hazel it's nice to know I've not been alone with my fudge problems. I've never heard of red velvet fudge but it sounds very intriguing be sure to let me know when you master it - good luck!


  2. I've only tried to make fudge once and it ended up as a fudge sauce - I followed the recipe but it just wouldn't set!

  3. You can't beat a little square of fudge...glad it turned out well for you...this looks great! :-)

  4. don't think i'm brave enough just yet, but this looks fab :)

  5. This is incredible! Well done you! I've never made it myself but I think my mum has had some success :)


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