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Wilkinson Glass Terrarium - Review

When Wilkinsons gave me the chance to review an item from their new Summer range I really was spoilt for choice. They have a great online catalogue which is actually laid out more in the style of a magazine, which I enjoyed flicking through, clicking on a photo takes you straight to the product for more information. I settled on the miniature glass house which retails at £15.00, well with the lack of sun in the garden I thought the plants could do with a helping hand.

The Terrarium arrived from Wilko.com it is made from glass and metal complete with ornate handle so it can be moved, it was well packaged, the glass protected all safe and secure. It has a hinged lid, and any water from either rain or when you water your plants drains out the bottom. It is nice and light weight, even though its made of glass and metal.

I had thought to keep some herbs in the glasshouse. In previous years I have always lost my Basil once I pot it outside of the greenhouse, so thought this would be ideal to hopefully achieve some success with them this year. In a week or two the tiny seedlings growing in the greenhouse will be ready for a new home. But with the colder weather we have had of late I decided to pop a few of my Aricula plants inside. Protected from the wind and rain they have done really well and already in bloom. 

It would be great if one of the glass planes could slide so you can let some of the heat out without the need to open the lid. Will share a photo of my Basil once they have settled in. 

I was sent the Glass Terrarium for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own.
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Fudge - a success story

Fudge - a simple sweet treat made with just a few ingredients, but boy has it given me problems in the past. 

But at last I have made fudge that has set and cut into lovely cubes. I think it is an improvement on last week's fudge failure and even  the year before

What was different about how I made the fudge this time? Well to be honest I am not really sure.  It could be that I have used a different saucepan, one with a heavy bottom. Or I used a different recipe, or even that I used an out of date tin of evaporated milk! 

I used a recipe from Good To Know Recipes. The only difference being I added a 'dollop' of crunchy peanut butter to the fudge as I was stirring the fudge off the heat.

If you have a favourite fudge recipe you can recommend to me, do  let me know.

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Who fancies pudding?

Sticky Toffee or Blackberry and Apple, both are classic puddings, but in this instance I am talking cheese not pudding.  

The Sticky Toffee Cheddar Cheese was a gift from my sister following a recent trip to Derbyshire. Whilst their she discovered Hartington Cheese Shop and their amazing selection of cheeses. Sticky Toffee Cheddar a great way to combine my love of cheese and puddings in one, it really was most enjoyable on a plain cracker. I am sure there are a number of you pulling a face at the thought of this cheese, but it certainly gets my seal of approval. 

The Black Berries and Apple cheese was a discovery at local food fair, they had a number of unusual cheeses all of which were available to taste - my kind of food stall. Maybe this cheese was a little less unusual than the Sticky Toffee, after all eating fruit with cheese and crackers is a great marriage of foods. Another tasty cheese winner in my eyes.

Do let me know if you can think of a way I could incorporate these cheese into a meal or pudding.
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