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Sowing Carrots and Preparing Soil

Preparing soil for growing carrots
Preparing soil for growing carrots

Growing Carrots - I am a little later than planned at sowing my carrots this year, for me it's not just a case of sprinkling a few seeds into the soil. I like to make sure the soil is prepared well to ensure a harvest of big, strong cylindrical Carrots.

As my carrots are sown in one of my raised beds, it results in them being well protected from carrot fly. This also means minimum bending for me. The Carrots of choice for me this year are Autumn King and Early Nantes 2.

Using a trowel I remove the soil where I will sow the Carrot seeds creating a channel, just past wrist deep. Then the fun starts - using a large garden sieve rub the soil through, you will then be left in the sieve with small and large stones. Watch out for worms though, you do not want to end up grating worm! I  chose not to shake the soil through the sieve, I do not have the arm muscles. You will be left with a channel filled with stone free soil for your carrots to grow straight and long without hitting any obstructions.  

Tip - it is best to sieve the soil when the soil is reasonably dry, if we have had days of rain you will find the sieving impossible.

Photographs taken using my phone.
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  1. Thanks Angela! trying this method tomorrow!


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