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Review - Pure Rain Garden Spray Gun

I was intrigued when I was asked if I wanted to review a new range of garden hose products for watering the garden.  With the claim "New Technology Recreates Rainwater to Boost Plant Growth" really? How can you recreate rainwater - I mean it falls from a cloud. In fact they are referring to the technology contained within the mechanism of the hose that oxygenates tap water.

"Pure RainTM  products add millions of microscopic nano-bubbles to ordinary tap water, re-oxygenating it to recreate the natural composition of rainwater. The extra oxygen delivered by the nano-bubbles helps plants absorb nutrients quickly, making them healthier, stronger and more disease resistant."
"The technology is proven to make leafy plants grow up to 30 per cent larger than conventional watering systems and the range has a whole host of other benefits, including: 
  • Chemical free and eco-friendly, meaning less need for fertilisers and pesticides  
  • Produces larger, more robust plants with stronger roots 
  • 5-year warranty"
The last few months have not been the ideal time to be using a hose in the garden! We have had plenty of rain and then of cause came the snow, just when the garden was starting to show the colours of Spring. But come Summer I will be putting the Pure Rain hose gun to the test, "30 per cent larger leafy plants" are bold claims and I will be keeping a few pots to  water from my watering can and doing my own comparison to those watered with the Pure Rain™ hose gun. I will keep you posted through the Summer.

I was sent a Pure Rain hose gun for the purposes of this review, all opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. This is a very interesting product to review. I normally get sent beauty products. :)

  2. Did you end up testing this product over time?


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