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It's a Candle no wait its a CAKE!

I know you are looking at the picture above and you are thinking it's a candle - when in fact it's a CAKE, not  a drop of wax in sight.

I had a most enjoyable time a few weeks ago at a cake decorating class run by Louise Scofield. You may remember in December I attended another of Louise's decorating classes and made the Vintage Bauble Cake.  Well I was back again, picking up more new skills and techniques to create this wonderful Candle Cake. It really is hassle free to arrive and know everything you need will be provided and set out for you, and there will be no disruptions and even a cup of coffee waiting for you!
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I have done my best with the photographs but it is quite tricky to capture the lustre and shimmer of the candle. 

The cake itself is fruit cake, then covered with marzipan and sugar paste. Sounds easy, but there is a real trick to getting sugar paste to look like melted wax on the top of the cake.

I'm always asked one question when anyone sees a photo of this cake - What is the wick made of? It is simply made from a small amount of rolled petal paste, painted with black colouring gel. 

Below are photos of the Candle Cakes made by my fellow course attendees and of course Louise the tutor. I think you'll agree they are all magnificent! The finishing touches really do give the candle its realism, the customised detail to the front - in my case the little bird, and the ceramic stand the candle is displayed on which was included in the course. 

I'm sure I will be back at Louise's again to create another exciting cake. 

You will be pleased to know that the cake travelled safely home, and was eaten the very next day.
Candle cakes galore
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  1. Thats so amazing! super cute! I think I might try something similar to this love it! -JenJanex

  2. They do look very impressive. Sounds like a fun class.

  3. Love that its simple yet so effective...would impress at a christening a wedding...Christmas even! Great idea. x

  4. I am always amazed by your fancy cakes. They are stunning.

  5. You should see my latest effort at making novelty cake, ridiculously ugly. I think you're a star

  6. That is phenomenal. I'm pretty certain I could never decorate a cake like that. I just don't have the dexterity (or the patience!)


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