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Recipe - Alice in Wonderland Shortbread

Iced shortbread biscuits
I confess to baking yet more shortbread, this time it's a chance for me to use a biscuit cutter I received as a Christmas present from one of my sisters. This cutter give you a delicate sized biscuit with a plunger that marks the words 'Eat Me' on the biscuit. 

I followed my trusted Shortbread biscuit recipe, it never lets me down. Once the shortbread biscuits have cooled the fun begins - icing. I use Silver Spoon, Royal Icing Sugar to decorate my biscuits. It really is a trouble free method for making smooth royal icing every time. 

I like to refer to these as my Alice in Wonderland biscuits because of the tempting 'Eat Me' motto, I could do with being a little taller - maybe a few of these will do the trick!

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  1. These are brilliant, love them.

  2. wow, i didn't know you could get a biscuit cutter x

  3. They are very 'Alice' and very charming!

  4. Those cookie cutters are amazeballs! I'm so jealous! Btw, just want to let you know that the blog you are following that was previously owned by myself is now dormant but you can find me on my new blog; The Science of Happy. It already has 29 posts up so far so lots to read already and I've got a new feature up where you get to be nosey and see what other followers have in their bags!


    - TSOH

  5. I love that stamp and the shortbread. What a brilliant present!

  6. I love these, they look very cool :)

  7. These stampers are just amazinng. Love it!

  8. Love these stamps, they just keep coming out with more and more fab baking equipment in shops.

  9. As a Disney fan, I completely approve


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