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Book Review - Soil Mates Companion Planting

Handy sized book
A review of Soil Mates by Sara Alway published by Quirk books.

This is not your average gardening book. It is not a large like most gardening books can be, so there is no need to clear your lap to read it. There are no glossy pages full of perfectly styled vegetable beds, that your average gardener could not attain. Just good practical advise presented in a humours way, it's like a dating guide for vegetables. Is there a Love Match between plants? What turns them on or off? Caution if there is a Stalker Alert as this warns you of which pests you should you be wary of.

It talks you through which vegetables are best together, those that will be of benefit from growing near or next to each other. I used some of these tips when I did my Vegetable plan for this year, it will be interesting to see if my strawberries, lettuce and carrots create a love triangle as suggested in the book.

The book also includes recipes for each of the vegetables. There is practical guide to using natural pesticides, for keeping those stalkers at bay. The planting guide at the back of the book is helpful as you can adjust your planting to suit your country and climate.
Cucumber just loves corn
What I love about the book?

This is a  practical but amusing guide   to companion planting.

There are some lovely illustrations  of plants in  the  book, this  is  a  nice change  from photographs  which feature specific   plant  varieties,  which invariable are not the ones you are growing.

The terminology for each plant profile is funny and entertaining, presented with humorous symbols yet very clear to understand.

Soil Mates is available to buy online for £10.49, for more information about PGUK Books follow them on Twitter. 

Thanks to PGUK Books who kindly sent me a copy of Soil Mates to review, all opinions expressed are my own.
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