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Vegetable Garden Planner 2013

Chitting time
I've been busy scribbling down the planting I have planned for my vegetable garden this year. That is if I can ever get into it with the never ending snow or rain that seems to be falling from the sky of late. 

Whats in? - this year for the first time I will be growing Turnips - hurrah!  

Whats out? - I will not be growing Sweetcorn, Peppers or Tomatoes with the exception of Cherry Tomatoes.

I have two raised beds measuring 6 x 4 ft, I also have space around these to place bags and pots which will be planted up with courgettes and potatoes. Next to the raised beds is an area that is quite shady due to it being under a small wall this is home to  Rhubarb, Blackcurrant, Gooseberry and some Strawberries.

So what else will I be growing this year:- 
Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Pak Choi, Mixed Salad, Lolla Rossa Lettuce, Carrots, Onions, Peas, Beetroot, Turnips, Broad Beans, Leeks, Garlic, Potatoes, Courgettes, Gooseberries, Strawberries, Rhubarb, Blackcurrant, Plums, Apples and Blueberries.

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  1. I'm giving Rooster potatoes ago this season, mine will be grown in a large dustbin. I grew turnips for the first time last year, they are lovely straight from the garden.

    1. I will be interested to see how Roosters compare with other potatoes

  2. I always grow tomatoes but I also have most luck with cherry type and Tumbler and they are the only ones I now grow. Interesting to read you are not growing peppers. I have tried growing peppers many times in pots in the greenhouse or outside and always been disappointing and never turn red! I was thinking of giving them another go this year as I have seen seeds for mini peppers, Wilkinsons own label and thought I might give them a go. Good luck with the growing season, last year was a bit of a washout!

    1. Sounds like we share the same problem when it comes to Peppers, which is why they are no longer being given greenhouse space by me anymore!

      Yes last years weather was rather testing!

  3. We're trying parsnips for the first time this year along with sweet potatoes if I can source some as we've been eating lots more of them and it would be nice to have them in the garden.

    1. I only like parsnips when they are roasted with honey! But I love sweet potatoes :) Good luck with your growing.

  4. That looks great..I can't wait for the snow and rain to go so I can get started on my garden again :)


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