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Sweet Heart Valentine Fairy Cakes and Buttercream Recipe

Valentine's Day Fairy Cake

This is a simple but effective Valentine's Day themed fairy cake. It is worth buying some nice paper cases to bake your cakes in, I used some red and white polka dot cakes.

  • I started off by baking a batch of my plain fairy cakes.
  • Once cooled I decorated them with some buttercream (recipe below)
  • Add the jelly heart sweets and a sprinkle of edible glitter. Of course you could use other sweets such as Love Hearts or fizzy jelly hearts.

Buttercream Recipe

5 oz butter
10 oz icing sugar
drop of milk
edible glitter (optional)
food colouring (optional)

  • Whisk the butter until soft. 
  • Add half of the icing sugar and carefully on a low speed and whisk. Add the remaining icing sugar and whisk until smooth.
  • Add the optional food colouring and combine.
  • If you feel the buttercream is too thick had a teaspoon or two of milk.

Tip - if you want a different flavour buttercream you could add a little lemon or lime juice.
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  1. Yum! I love the little hearts!

  2. Yum! Which butter do you use? I find regular butter makes yellowy icing - yours looks lovely and white :)

    1. I use farmhouse butter sold in large pats from a local farm shop, the trick to getting buttercream to look pale is to use an electric whisk, whisk on high and it will lose the yellow colour.

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  4. So cute...I love jelly hearts...a lovely cupcake for Valentines! :-)

  5. Super cute! I love the glittery bits on the top of the hearts!


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