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National Nest Box Week

Coal Tit setting up home
Did you know that the 14th February is not just Valentine's Day but also the start of National Bird Nesting Box Week which runs 14th-21st February.  National Bird Nesting Box Week is organised by the British Trust for Ornithology, their website contains all you need to know about selecting and using the most suitable bird box for your garden.

You may already have a bird box in your garden just as I do. Now lucky for me year after year a pair of birds choose it to make it their temporary home. Both Coal Tits and Blue Tits have hatched their chicks in this particular bird box. Obviously I have fingers crossed that another pair of birds will visit the bird box again this year. I am hoping that the Long Tail Tits that visit the garden will make it their home.

If you have the carpentry skills you could try making your very own bird box, you will find full instructions on the National Bird Nesting Week website. Or if like me you prefer to buy one there is a great choice available to buy online, you will find a guide on which type of bird box is most suitable for the birds in your garden.

I will leave you with another photograph of a Coal Tit popping in to feed it's brood of chicks - oh if only we could see inside!
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  1. We have a bird box just outside our kitchen window. Every year Blue Tits raise a clutch of chicks. It is magical every time it happens. : )

  2. We put up a bird box last September. I hope the birds will be used to it being there now to nest in.

  3. I'd love to put up a bird box but I worry about encouraging them into the garden incase my cat gets them - although she has never caught one in her life!
    I think the boxes with cameras inside must be amazing to watch!


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