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Planting Garlic

At the beginning of December I spotted a tweet from Woollygreen about a competition they were running to win some Garlic seeds. Well lucky for me I won, and just before Christmas the seeds arrived. I have been patiently waiting for some dry weather so I can get it planted. We have had such mild weather of late and with the news that we were likely to get a drop in temperature I was keen to get it planted - it does like a cold spell to make it encourage growth.

I was sent four varieties of Garlic. Before planting each one needs breaking up to reveal all their cloves, it is the individual cloves you plant into the soil. There was far too much Garlic for me to plant in my garden so I thought it only fair to share. Some with my neighbour who is a gardener by trade, and also my friend Linda at The Ferns Bed and Breakfast
The brilliant white of Solent Garlic
I planted two varieties one called Albignesian and the other Solent, very apt as The Garlic Farm who produce the Garlic are based on the Isle of Wight. I will keep you posted on it's progress, hopefully all will go well but as I have never grown Garlic before you never can tell.
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  1. Congrats on winning the seeds.. wish you luck and hopefully soon you'll harvest a sackful of garlic! :)

  2. Garlic was the first thing I grew myself. I'm sure you will do well with it.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with the garlic when it's all grown.

  4. Looking forward to getting some garlic bulbs from you Angela! Maybe we can assess and weigh the garlic yield in maybe July/August. I wonder if I can find a garlicky breakfast recipe for my B & B at www.thefernsshropshire.co.uk.? best wishes, Linda


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