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My Blogger Word Cloud

Do you like my wonderful word cloud, apparently I have a lot to say on my blog when it comes to Cake. Previously I have always thought about my blog posts individually, where as this magical tool gives me the chance to take a snapshot of what I have been saying on my blog from the word dot.  I would like to think that by this time next year the word Garden will be more visible in my word cloud. Oh my that sounds very like a New Year's resolution!

You can find a larger version here, you can also create your own based on your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ feeds, although I have yet to give them a try. I have to give a mention to Nickie at Geekalicious who posted her Google+ word cloud, which I have had bookmarked for sometime and was the inspiration for my blogger cloud. So thank you Nickie.

Click here to create your own blogger cloud, select reset, select blogger and type in the name of your blog and start.
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  1. This is a good idea...Cake certainly stands out on yours! How do you make a word cloud for your blog? :-)

    1. Thanks Laura - I've now added a few instructions to create your own at the end of the post, let me know how you get on.

  2. Just made my cloud...very interesting...top word...you, followed by baking, make and chocolate...which is interesting as I don't even eat chocolate...I gave up 6 years ago...obviously make a few chocolate recipes then! :-)

    1. It's funny how much chocolate crops up, I'm very impressed you gave it up - something I would certainly struggle with. We all seem to have the 'you', 'baking' theme going on :)


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