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Christmas Wish List - Part 2

Following on from my very garden orientated Christmas Wish List Part 1, you will see much more of an indoor theme for my Christmas Wish List - Part 2.  You will spot a few extreme items on the list making this truly a 'wish list'.

Dear Santa

If you have any room on your sleigh would you mind ever so just throwing these few things in...

What baking bonkers person would not want a shiny red Kitchen Aid mixer. 

A First Edition of Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, one of my favourite books and what I would not give for a first edition.

I am really into using chocolate in my baking at the moment and would love a gadget to keep the chocolate at the perfect temperature. Until my fad with chocolate fades I will continue to use the trusted pyrex bowl over a saucepan of hot water method.

Now this is rather indulgent of me but who would not want their very own dry floatation bed, a truly relaxing experience without having to visit a health spa. I have a feeling Santa will not have room in his sack for this.

A brand spanking new kitchen, with an oven that gets reliably hot. This photo of an unusual round kitchen island caught my eye from bespoke kitchen design company called Smallbone.

Now I could not leave my cat off the Christmas wish list particularly when I spotted this amazing cat bed from design company Vurv Design studio. Yes you guessed it, it costs a small fortune.

Happy Christmas!
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  1. Guess what??? I AM GETTING A NEW KITCHEN AID MIXER!!! I am beyond giddy! Boysenberry is the colour I finally settled on after hours of deliberation!!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas x love from Jolly Toebells x ( see my blog )

  2. I had a choice a few years back a Kitchen aid or a magi mix. My oh would not buy both. I chose the magi mix, however when I get my new kitchen a Kitchen aid will be added. Hope you have a good Christmas.

  3. I would love the Kitchen Aid and a brand new kitchen to place it in. Love your Christmas list.

  4. I just popped over to wish you a very happy New Year! Love Karen xxxx

    1. Why thank you Karen and a very Happy 2013 to you too :)

  5. I got the RED KITCHEN AID MIXER!!! I'm doing the happy dance!!!
    now I want the new kitchen, mine is 40 years old time for a new makeover!
    Love your blog!



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