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Recipe Christmas Tree Cake Fondant Fancies

Christmas Tree Cake Fondant Fancies - these came about by way of a happy baking accident. Remember those lovely mini Snowball cakes I blogged. Well these unusual Christmas Tree Fondant Fancies came about when I'd experimented in baking some of the mini cakes in the baking tins but without their paper cases. They were very pyramid in shape and not at all snowball shape as I'd hoped. So what to do with them? They lent themselves to being stacked, so whilst I was playing building cake bricks that's when the Christmas Tree cake idea popped into my head. 
Recipe Christmas Tree Fondant Fancies Christmas Cake baking ideas
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree how
lovely is your icing
Now to transform them into Christmas Tree Fondant Fancies, which of course needed to be green. I realised that homemade basic icing (icing sugar and water) would not work to cover them and I did not have any royal icing in the house.  However, I did have few packets of white sugar paste in the cupboard, I knew this could be melted back to it's liquid state - although it's not something I had previously done. So through experimenting these cute Christmas Tree Fondant Fancies came about.

What you will need
Recipe Christmas Tree Fondant Fancies Christmas Cake baking ideas
  • I used approximately 70g of sugar paste which I heated in the microwave on high, checking every 20 seconds or so. As it softens add a little water to get the right consistency for coating the cakes. Take care the icing can get very warm.
  • Add a small amount of Christmas green gel food colouring and mix well.
  • Using a fork to hold the cake, dip it into the icing (see photo).
  • You may need to pop the icing back into the microwave for a few seconds, to keep it the right consistency.
  • Leave the iced cakes to set on a cooling rack.
Recipe Christmas Tree Fondant Fancies Christmas Cake baking ideas

Assembling the Christmas Tree Cakes
  • Place a cocktail stick in the bottom cake and carefully spear the next cake on top. Depending on how big your cakes are you will probably need another cocktails stick to add the third cake.
  • Decorate with a sparkly fondant star.
Recipe Christmas Tree Fondant Fancies Christmas Cake baking ideas
Building your Christmas tree

*Warning* remember there are sharp cocktail sticks in these cakes, so please take care when eating them.
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  1. What a clever way to make Christmas trees!

  2. Wow! These are so cute & fantastic idea ! Very festive! Awesome! :)

  3. What a cute idea...they look lovely especially with the star on the top. Very festive and also very original! :-)


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