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My Cake International Wish List

One of may wonderful cakes exhibited
It's just a few days away until Cake International at Birmingham's NEC, which for me has become an annual pilgrimage. It's a chance to ooh and ahh at some amazing cakes and to also stock up of all things cake making related.

With so many stalls and demonstrations available at the show, it's easy to get carried away and buy anything that takes your fancy. Only for you to then get home and realise that the one thing you really needed was forgotten. For this reason and not for the fact that I love lists, I like to go prepared with a list.

If you have a favourite on line shop it's also worth checking their website or Facebook or Twitter feeds to see if they will be at the show. Or check the list of exhibitors on the Cake International website, I've already discovered that there will be a stall dedicated to selling everything you need for Cake Pops.

Cake Pop Heaven (stand C35)

  • mini melting bottles
  • Cake Pops wraps
  • candy eyeballs
  • Dark chocolate couverture
  • Milk chocolate couverture

Cake Crafting

  • Food pens red , blue, green, yellow £2.75 hope they have their 3 for 2 offer at the show
  • Non stick board
Other items
  • PME snowflake cutter - so I can stop borrowing my friends!
  • 10 inch Round Drum Board and Box
  • Chocolate/sugar paste mould, always get tempted at the Aphabet Moulds stall

It also looks like I need to buy a new non stick board, I bought one at last year's Cake International but some how I've mislaid it. Unless of course I'm lucky enough to find it in the next week.

I will also be on the look out for any competitions to win a new kitchen mixer or electric hand mixer, as mine is on it's last legs.

Also making an appearance at this year's show is Anthea Turner, who will be bringing cake gifting craft inspiration at The Bakery Theatre. I so loved her show The Perfect Housewife on BBC Three, so I'm hoping she will have lots of tips for presenting foodie gifts  for Christmas. 

I'll let you know just how badly I deviate from my list, if there is one thing you can be sure of it's that I will.
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  1. Sounds like a dream! Oh to win the lottery eh?!
    I posted a link to your blog for the chocolate lollipops and used your photos :-) if you'd rather I take them down then just say.

    1. That's fine Rachel hope the lollipops with the children are a success :)

  2. Thanks..i should be making my list soon too.

  3. I'm going on Saturday and it never occured to me to make a list! It will be my first time at one of these, am I likely to spend a fortune?!

    1. Caroline you are going to love it, and yes you are likely to spend a fortune if you let yourself get carried away!. Top tip for you, visit the stalls first when you arrive and look around the displays later. The stalls can get very busy it can be five deep at times. Have a great time!


  4. Have a great time! I went last year and it was fab...bought rather a lot thought! I see there's one in London in April...unless I imagined that! I look forward to reading about your experiences...and your purchases! :-)


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