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Honeycomb Halloween Lollipops

Another Easy Halloween recipe as my fascination with chocolate continues, this time with an added honeycomb crunch. There are two stages to this lolly, first the honeycomb and then the melted chocolate. To create your Halloween Honeycomb Lollipops follow the instructions below.
Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Honeycomb lollipop recipe
Halloween Chocolate Lollipop Recipe
Honeycomb Recipe

2 tbsp golden syrup
100gr caster sugar
1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • In a saucepan heat the sugar and golden syrup together, bring to the boil and then simmer on a low heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Watch it carefully, you don't want it to burn. 
  • Remove from the heat and add the bicarbonate of soda, quickly mixing this together. 

Now this is where you need to work fast - onto a lined baking sheet spoon a circle of honeycomb adding the lolly stick before it sets. Now, I confess I only managed a few lollies. The trick is to quickly transfer the honeycomb from the hot pan, otherwise it will over cook and leave it with a burnt taste. 

If you run out of time to prevent burning pour the honeycomb mixture in a well grease or lined container. Once set you can break this up to give you lovely chunks of honeycomb to eat. 
Honeycomb Lollipop recipe

Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Honeycomb lollipop recipe
Pumpkin Lollipop Recipe
I decorated my lollipops with Silverspoon orange chocolate buttons. I only used around a quarter of the packet, so chose to melt my chocolate in the microwave. Then using a mini spatula a coated the honeycomb lollipop with melted chocolate. Using the edge of the spatula, gently move the chocolate up in an arch shape, this will add the shape of a pumpkin to the Honeycomb Halloween Lollipop see photo.

Once the chocolate has set fully, you can add your scary pumpkin face. Use either black icing, or for ease you can buy a set of decorating tubes of icing from the supermarket.

Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Honeycomb lollipop recipe
Scary Halloween lollipop

                                                                         Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Honeycomb lollipop

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  1. These look very yummy..spooky and cute as well!

  2. I love making honeycomb, but you do have to work fast with it once you've 'wooshed

  3. I will be coming to your house for Trick or Treating so I can get one of those great lollipops!

  4. Brilliant lollies! I also made honeycomb this week and it was my first time but I never would have considered making Halloween lollies from it...great idea and they look fab! Thanks for entering Calendar Cakes :-)


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